healing prayer

I hold on to my faith, my hope, my healing and do not waste any energy on concern. My energy is directed to my body’s capacity to heal.

Right now, just as I am, I am a magnificent creation of an ever-present, all-providing Creator. As I bless my body with thoughts of healing, I send a message of life and renewal to every cell and organ.

I know that I can never be separated from the presence of God because I am eternally one with the Creator. I may sense that a healing is taking place instantly or over time, but the marvel of a healing is beyond timing and sensing.

I am one of God’s creations of life, and as such I know that the Spirit of life is expressing through me now!

“Blind Man (opening his eyes): 24 I see people, but they look like trees—walking trees.

25 Jesus touched his eyes again; and when the man looked up, he could see everything clearly.”
Mark 8:24-25


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